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2021 End of Shipping Announcement

Friends, today, April 23rd is the last day to order from CaterpillarVapes.com for shipping!

OK, you should be sitting down for this one.

Last year, the US Congress passed a COVID relief bill. Along with the relief package, this bill also included changes to the current regulations on shipping tobacco products. The change? It now includes vape equipment and juice putting us in the same “class” as cigarettes.

What’s that mean? Well, here’s the bad part, as of April 27, no vaping juice or equipment can be sent via USPS, UPS or FedEx. We've spent weeks talking to attorneys, politicians, lobbyists and community leaders on a solution, but have found none. That means that after midnight Pacific on April 23, we cannot accept any orders from CaterpillarVapes.com because the timing to send the packages would fall outside of the 4/27 date. This includes international.

See, I told you it was bad.

We’re devastated by this move, but we wanted you to hear it from us first. We literally have fans of our business all over the world and it’s been so wonderful to send packages to Australia, the UK, Thailand and other places (see cool map below). BJ keeps trying to ship himself to parts unknown.

It’s deeply sad for us to have to end shipping, but along with every other vape business, we have no choice.
As such, we wanted to give you as much time to stock up now and find alternatives after the April 23rd deadline. 
One thing to note, on many products, when we're out, we cannot guarantee that we will get new stock. We're trying to push our suppliers, especially Hangsen, but the timelines here are tight. So just be aware that our inventory may be limited on some products.
For those in the Omaha metro, we’re going to continue doing delivery and in-store pickup through the website and all stores will remain open. More details on that to follow.
One thing we have truly valued over these years has been your dedication to our business and family. It’s been a personal honor to email you every week and again, I apologize for any mental problems as a result.
If you have any questions, reply to this email, call or ping us on Facebook chat.
Yours in sadness,
Baba Yaga, Eric Johnson (our fearless leader), Mel, Gus (the social media guy) and the entire team