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LB314 - Include vapor products (Juice and hardware) within the Tobacco Tax Act


LB 314, Taxes Section 36, Page 65 would amend the Tobacco Products Tax Act to include vapor products. If this tax is adopted, it would make it less affordable for consumers to use vapor products to stop smoking. Many consumers would choose to purchase their vapor products online which could decrease the sales tax collected for such products or continue to smoke, potentially killing hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans. In a recent study, vapor products were proven to be 60% more effective at helping people stop smoking, yet they are the only smoking cessation product to be taxed. The State’s current Medical Expenditure related to smoking is $116 million. By making vapor products less accessible to those consumers trying to quit smoking, this expenditure could increase and offset any gain this tax is creating for the State of Nebraska. In addition, the tax would be devastating to the many small- and medium-sized independent vapor businesses in Nebraska significantly reducing the number of Nebraskans employed by such businesses and the state taxes already collected from such businesses.



LB149 - Limit 21 and older to vapor products, Limiting indoor vaping/testing


LB 149 would amend the Nebraska Criminal Code raising the age to purchase and use vapor products to 21 making it a criminal offense Class V Misdemeanor to use vapor products. This bill does not amend the legal age to smoke cigarettes. If this bill is passed, it would prohibit young adults ages 18-20 from the most effective smoking cessation products and damage their opportunity to kick a deadly habit. Those vapers ages 18-20 would have no other alternative, but to return to smoking. Additionally, LB 149 will amend the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act, thereby limiting consumers ability to test flavor options and receive valuable education on how to use their vaporizers safely in Nebraska vape shops. Studies have shown that there is no secondhand affect from the vapor produced by vaporizers and, therefore, there is no need to protect the public from the byproducts of vaping.





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