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End of Shipping Explained

Shipping no longer possible from CaterpillarVapes.com

CaterpillarVapes.com and all vape shops nationwide are unable to ship any products as of 4/27/2021.

Last year, the US Congress passed a COVID relief bill. Along with the relief package, this bill also included changes to the current regulations on shipping (click here to read the regulations) tobacco products. The change? It now includes vape equipment and juice putting us in the same “class” as cigarettes.

What’s that mean? As of April 27, no vaping juice or equipment can be sent via USPS, UPS or FedEx. We've spent weeks talking to attorneys, politicians, lobbyists and community leaders on a solution, but have found none.

We stopped shipping any orders on Saturday April 23rd to account for shipping times and not knowing how the USPS would handle shipments en route on or after the 27th.

We realize that some shops may be shipping on the 26th and on the 27th, but after consulting industry experts and attorneys, we made the choice to stop shipping on the 23rd. 

Moving forward, we will only be able to offer delivery to the Omaha metro or pick up in store.

We’re devastated by this move, and it’s deeply sad for us to have to end shipping, but along with every other vape business, we have no choice.

If you have any questions, reply to this email, call or ping us on Facebook chat but please understand, that unfortunately there's nothing we can do.


Yours in sadness,

Eric Johnson and the entire team