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How To Use Your CE4 Kit

Getting Started

So you just got your CE4 kit and you're not quite sure how to use it - this is a common question that we receive and so we've put together this helpful guide on how to use your kit.

What's In The Kit

When you open your zippered case, you'll see several items - all kits contain at least one eGo battery with a CE4 clearomizer and the charger.  The Bronze kit also contains a USB charger adapter.  The Gold Kit contains an additional 900 mAh battery with CE4 along with two additional CE4 clearomizers.  

How To Turn On Your Battery

Each battery should ship in an "off" state.  To turn your battery on or off you must press the battery button five consecutive times in quick succession.  If your battery was "off", this will turn it on.  If your battery is "on", this will turn it off.  If you have your battery in your purse, pocket or other enclosed space it is recommeded that you turn it off to avoid consecutively turning on your e-cigarette and either burning out the CE4 coil or depleting your battery charge.

Charging Your Battery

When charging your battery, simply plug the included cable into any USB port.  The small light on the charging port will turn green - this means the charger is receiving power and is ready to charge your e-cigarette battery.  When you are ready, simply screw the battery into the charging port.  The battery light will blink momentarily and if it is charging, the charging port light will turn red, indicating that charging is in progress.  Once the battery has been recharged, the light will again turn green and you are ready to begin use.  If your battery is defective or has some other problem with it the battery will blink red and/or the battery charging port will blink as well. 

The e-cigarette batteries that ship with your kit are lithium ion batteries, similar to the kind found in cell phones, i-Pads and other high-drain consumer devices.  Try not to ever drain your battery completely or leave your battery in an empty state for extended periods of time as this will reduce the lifespan of the device.

Filling Your CE4 Tank

fillingce4tank.jpg The CE4 tank is a very simple device with a clear plastic tank containing one or more wicks that pull the e-liquid up into an atomizer that will vaporize the liquid when you press the battery button.  To fill the CE4 tank, simply pull off the mouthpiece (on some models, you will need to unscrew it) and tilt the CE4 clearomizer to a 45 degree angle.  Very carefully, place your liquid bottle tip on the top edge and slowly drip the liquid down the inside of the CE4 clearomizer tank taking great care not to get any liquid into the center post.  If you should get some liquid into the post you *should* be fine, however, if you get too much liquid into the center post it will drain into the top of the battery and require you to clean it thoroughly before use.  When filling your tank, it is suggested that you not fill it more than half-way full.  A very few liquids will cause a build-up of residue in the tank causing the liquid to tase "burnt" or "dirty" and you can limit this by filling it in small amounts at a time.  Most fruity liquids do not have this problem however you may need to experiment with your favorite flavors to find whether this is the case for you.

Potential Hazards

Like any lithium ion battery, there is the possibility that it could go bad.  In this case, it is recommended that you cease use of the battery immediately and take the battery to a recycling center for disposal.  Never dispose of a defective battery into the trash or let your battery get excessively hot as this could be dangerous.